Why should every household have a dog?

Dogs bring lot of joy to your house. Here are the main reasons why every household should have a dog:

1) You be happy all the time

The wagging tail and soulful eyes will make even your worse days better. They are better than antidepressants. They make us happy.

2) Exercise is made mandatory

Because of dog you need to go out every day for a walk. Interacting with other people on the park or meeting other dogs will make you sociable. Dogs make us run as well.

3) Lifesaver and Hero Maker

If every household had a dog then they wouldn’t end up in a dog shelter. Dogs don’t get the same care in a dog shelter that they get at home.

4) Holidays are Never Lonely

You dogs around you, your holidays will never be lonely. Dog becomes your best friend who will not lie or gossip like humans.

5) Get involved in new activities

You get involved in activities like competitions or pet-friendly vacations. You can spend lot of exciting time training your dog.

6) Increase Your Life Span

Dogs help to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, thus lowering blood pressure. Pets give calming effect.

7) Add Structure and Routine to life

In order to take care of your dog properly, you need to maintain certain routines like feeding them, taking them to walk, bathing them with shower, etc. This helps changing your lazy habits and get into a routine life.

So, if you don’t have a dog yet for your household, get one right away! You will have a friend and you will be healthy if you have a dog beside you.