Why should every household have a dog?

Dogs bring lot of joy to your house. Here are the main reasons why every household should have a dog:

1) You be happy all the time

The wagging tail and soulful eyes will make even your worse days better. They are better than antidepressants. They make us happy.

2) Exercise is made mandatory

Because of dog you need to go out every day for a walk. Interacting with other people on the park or meeting other dogs will make you sociable. Dogs make us run as well.

3) Lifesaver and Hero Maker

If every household had a dog then they wouldn’t end up in a dog shelter. Dogs don’t get the same care in a dog shelter that they get at home.

4) Holidays are Never Lonely

You dogs around you, your holidays will never be lonely. Dog becomes your best friend who will not lie or gossip like humans.

5) Get involved in new activities

You get involved in activities like competitions or pet-friendly vacations. You can spend lot of exciting time training your dog.

6) Increase Your Life Span

Dogs help to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, thus lowering blood pressure. Pets give calming effect.

7) Add Structure and Routine to life

In order to take care of your dog properly, you need to maintain certain routines like feeding them, taking them to walk, bathing them with shower, etc. This helps changing your lazy habits and get into a routine life.

So, if you don’t have a dog yet for your household, get one right away! You will have a friend and you will be healthy if you have a dog beside you.


Why are Rottweilers the best dogs in the world?

If not trained properly, Rottweiler can be aggressive and dangerous. That’s why in some countries, it is even banned. However, if they can be trained properly then they are the most loving and loyal dogs you can ever have.

They can make great cuddle buddies. Here are some of the reasons why they are called the best in the world.

  • They are extremely protective. You just need to train them and socialize them.
  • They love their families. They love their families very much and should not be left alone for too long.
  • They are smart; in fact, they are ranked one of the top ten smartest dog breeds in the world.
  • They love exercising. So, you should play or walk with Rottweiler three times a day for at least 20 minutes.
  • They snore when they sleep, making them more lovable.
  • They have a good life span. They can live from 7 to 11 years.
  • They can grow large. Males weigh up to 130 pounds, and females 100 pounds.
  • They are very good workers. Like German Shepherds they can be farm and rescue worker.
  • They are often good players and win many championships if trained well.
  • Watch them from afar,  used binoculars and watch how they play with anything on your house.

Rottweilers have many good characteristics that make them better than the other dogs. Ever showered a rottweiler puppy with a LED shower heads? The AKC Standard describes Rottweiler as confident, calm and courageous dog. They are sensible and serious.

They tend to respond quietly. They must be socialized at a young age. They tend to be dominant and aggressive with other dogs of the same sex. With good training they can be your perfect companion. But without training, they won’t be suitable for households.

Here are the top 3 rottweiler breeders in the US

The Rottweiler is a very powerful and loyal dog having strong protective instincts. Rottweilers are companions and protectors. For its strength, size and protectiveness you need to be very responsible and committed when you own a Rottweiler.

They are one of the finest dogs in the world and therefore, require a stable, calm and firm pack leader. They need to exercise, socialize and stimulate their mental challenges. If these characteristics are present in Rottweilers then it will be a great companion; else they will become out of control and destructive. In 1973, The American Rottweiler club was formed to promote and encourage the quality of breeding.

1) Von Ruelmann Rottweiler’s Inc.


This breeder is renowned worldwide for making history in the breed. They use personal breeding program and have successfully produced champions in Romania, Germany, USA, Canada and many places. Vom Hause Neubrand was the first dog which was returned in Germany, though it was 100% American owned.

In Germany he participated in the German National Championship – the ADRK Klub Sieger Show. He placed V3  in the Champion class. Then he participated with his sons and received best kennel in the world title.

2) Von Evman Rottweiler


They breed well tempered, healthy, intelligent and good looking Rottweiler puppies. The adult Rottweilers have parts of their body certified in American with the OFA; this is stricter than other countries. We are reputed for breeding Rottweilers having long life expectancy.

The Rottweilers that are bred here have beauty, brain and good training. The breeder is member of prestigious Rottweiler clubs like AKC, ARC, etc. The Rottweilers from here have won a number of championship trophies throughout the world.

Old World Kennel


The Rottweilers from this breeder have won titles like International Champion, American Champion, and many. They became the head judge of Rottweiler Klub of North America.

All these breeders are famous and Rottweiler from here has won various international titles. So, if you are thinking of buying one, you can contact one of them.