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The blog Titanic Rotts is an extremely useful resource house for those who are having dogs in their house or for institutions that provide dog training and even dog shelters. It has every tricks and suggestions that I have learned through my reading, experience and own thoughts.

LOGOI have many expert writers writing for my blog. Dog trainers and advisors contribute their thoughts in this blog. The blog has a directory of dog shelters who you can contact for help.

I have also put up a list of places from where you can buy dogs of your choice. I’ve even used this platform as a place where buyer and seller of dogs can meet. If you want to sell a dog, you can upload the picture on our site and give your contact number. If someone is interested they will contact you.

I’ve included various video tutorials here also to show you step by step how to train dogs in a non harmful manner. All these works need time and money. I have about five staffs working with me to put up the blog in good shape for you. I have left my previous job just to give my 100% in this blog.

All I’m asking you is if it’s possible please buy me a coffee to help me keep this blog up and running. My blog has helped a lot of people and it will continue to do so in the future with your little help. Please click on the ‘Buy me a coffee’ button to donate $1 for this site. I would really appreciate your contribution.

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