Welcome to my blog!

My love for dog started at the age of 18. I had it for 10 years. Then I purchase another dog and I lost her within 5 years. That’s when I planned to buy more than one dog at a time. At one time I had 6 dogs roaming around my house. I started looking for information on managing dogs. The resources I found had useful information, but it didn’t answer all my questions. That is when I decided to write this blog.

amandaMy trainings helped me a lot in writing this blog. I first started doing a voluntary service in a local shelter. I used to take unruly dogs to walk every weekend. The trainers were happy with my performance and invited me to their training program. At that time force based techniques were mostly used.

I learned how to use a scientifically based positive training option. I knew that it hurt a dog when pulled on a choke chain. I realized that there could be a better way of taming them than forcing. Since then there was no stopping back. I have applied this training on my dogs and have taught many people how to control unruly dogs without forcing them to do anything.

In this blog I deal with all kinds of breeds, especially Rottweiler. This blog is for them who is finding it difficult to train their dogs, like me 20 years back!